Therapeutic Massage Treatment

Suffering from Chronic Pain or Niggling Aches?  Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?  Need Relaxing Time-Out?

Therapeutic Massage Treatment
Whether you work in an office, are a busy mum or handle repetitive tasks, if you want to ease your body, clear your mind and enhance your well being

in way that’s tailored to your personal needs

in a relaxing and considerate environment

from a practitioner with years of training and expertise


Therapeutic Massage Treatment can relieve your discomfort, release tension and offer you much needed time-out. This treatment uses a combination of techniques including deep tissue massage, to relieve the source of your tension in areas such as the back, neck and shoulders resulting from pain, posture, stress or sport. You feel freer, less tense and rejuvenated.

Your treatment is delivered at my comfortable and relaxing space in London, SW15 and includes

  • Your professional initial consultation

You may simply need some relaxing time-out to relieve your tension and clear your mind or you may need relief from pain, stress and fatigue. Your detailed consultation enables me to cover areas such as medical history, lifestyle and stress and enables me to gather valuable information to deliver great results in the minimum time. The treatment is personally designed for you and your lifestyle.

  • Your therapeutic massage treatment

With over 23 years of experience, learning from the best in the industry I provide expert therapeutic massage designed to address your needs and issues. My unique combination of knowledge, experience and expertise, ensures that your personalised massage treatment is highly effective. Different appointment lengths are designed to focus on different body areas according to your needs.

Therapeutic Massage Treatment for 45 minutes

This treatment focuses on a single area such as back, neck and shoulders or the legs and feet and is designed to help ease pain and stress and help improve posture.

Therapeutic Massage Treatment for 1 hour

This treatment includes more extended work and can focus on a couple of different areas such as the back, neck and shoulders or on the back and legs and hands and arms. It is perfect for those living with pain and tension and for relieving the discomfort caused by daily life.

Therapeutic Massage Treatment for 1½ hours

This treatment is in-depth giving lots of time to work on a number of areas. Some people choose a full body massage or some use the time to really focus in on specific tension hot-spots of the body. It is designed to release tension, relieve stress, help relieve pain and discomfort and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

“Natural Face Lift” Massage for 45 minutes

This treatment is for those who want a 100% organic anti-ageing face massage which firms and smooths your skin, whilst releasing tension through the neck, shoulders and scalp. The outcome is skin that looks healthier, brighter, glowing and rejuvenated.

  • A comfortable and relaxing environment

A heated adjustable couch, a soft face cradle and infrared lamp (if appropriate) adds tremendously to your experience. You are assured of complete comfort and are free to relax. Deeper relaxation means a much more effective treatment for you.

As a fully trained aromatherapist I select the appropriate blend of oils to best suit your needs. Organic oils are kinder to the skin, with no preservatives or emulsifiers so your treatment is further enhanced by the oils that I use.

  • After care advice

Following your massage treatment I give you appropriate after-care advice and tools suited to your lifestyle that help prolong the benefits of relaxation and help with the ongoing management of pain and discomfort, where appropriate we can work in conjunction with experts in the field to which you may already be referred.

What makes Therapeutic Massage Treatment so useful to you is that it helps you

  • manage chronic pain
  • receive appropriate and relevant exercise advice to complement your treatment
  • prevent small aches becoming real pains and significantly reduce tension and stress

My back pain was gradually getting worse and was moving from uncomfortable to painful. After treatment with Annalisa my back is a lot more stable and I have managed to maintain flexibility and movement rather than “seize up”.

With Therapeutic Massage Treatment there has never been a better time to take time-out to relax and relieve your pain and stress.