You are assured at all times of results-based, tailor-made treatments and exercise programmes from an expert in the field.

Therapeutic Massage Treatments inclusive of Balm Balm 100% organic oils and balms

Therapeutic Massage Treatment for 45 minutes                          £72
This treatment focuses on a single area such as the legs and feet and is designed to help ease pain and stress.

Therapeutic Massage Treatment for 1 hour                                   £85
This treatment includes more extended work and focuses on a couple of different areas such as the back, neck and shoulders and legs/feet or arms/hands. It is perfect for those living with pain and tension and for relieving the discomfort caused by daily life.

Therapeutic Massage Treatment for 1½ hours                            £120  
This treatment is in-depth giving lots of time to work on a number of areas of the body. This treatment could be used for a full body massage or thorough deep-tissue work to stubborn areas of tension.

Organic Facials and “Natural Face Lift” Massage inclusive of Balm Balm 100% organic oils and balms

Organic Pick-Me-Up Facial for 40 minutes                                      £50   
The Organic Pick-Me-Up Facial improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, aids relaxation and releases tension to leave your skin rejuvenated. This includes a short but powerful facial massage.

Organic Facial for 70 minutes                                                            £70
The extended Organic Facial helps to improve cell regeneration and skin texture and promotes total relaxation, helping to leave your skin bright and glowing. This includes an in-depth massage to the face, scalp, neck and shoulders and feet (optional).

Deluxe Facial including “Natural Face Lift” for 1½ hours              £95
The Deluxe Organic Facial with “Natural Face-Lift” improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and muscles, stimulates the removal of waste products from tissue, promotes cell regeneration, improves skin texture and promotes total relaxation, leaving your skin looking bright and glowing. This treatment includes the complete organic facial above, plus aspects of the “Natural Face Lift” Massage for an extra anti-ageing boost.

“Natural Face Lift” Facial for 45 minutes                                          £55
An anti-ageing “Natural Face Lift” treatment to firm and smooth your skin, encouraging a brighter and more glowing complexion. This includes massage to the face, neck, shoulders and scalp.

Personal Exercise Training

Achievable Exercise is tailor-made for you, helping you accomplish exercise in an enjoyable, safe, anxiety-free environment to reach your goals more quickly. You are in very safe and effective hands.

Half Hour Exercise Session                                                                   £50

One Hour Exercise Session                                                                  £85

10 x One Hour Exercise Sessions                                                      £750


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