Back to Balance Group Workshops

Back to Balance WorkshopsA series of practical workshops packed full of useful information to take away and use.

Each workshop, for up to 6 people, explores various aspects of health and well-being and is adapted to your needs.

1. Walk Tall (1½ hours)

This workshop shows you simple steps for a better posture. For 1½ hours in a fun and social environment we work through some basic exercises and simple stretches to help improve muscle function and release tension, resulting in improved posture and greater relaxation.

2. Simple Skincare Workshop (2 hours)

This workshop shows you a facial routine that’s right for your skin, including powerful self-massage techniques for the face using 100% Organic Balm Balm products. It is an enjoyable and social two hours from 7.30pm in the evening designed to get your skin “ready for bed.”  You walk away with tailored skincare advice and a tester kit of Balm Balm products. During the evening you will have the opportunity to play with a variety of products from the Balm Balm range.

3. Foam Roller and Spikey Ball Release (1½ hours)

This 1½ hour workshop shows you exercise techniques using the Foam Roller and Spikey Ball. These valuable tools mobilise the spine and release areas of deep seated tightness as well as hard to reach tension hot spots. Don’t be put off with the words “spikey” as lots of laughter is guaranteed – it’s sociable and enjoyable – ideal for those seeking a self-help strategy.

4. Beam Fitness (1½ hours)

Beam Fitness is a new exercise innovation in the UK. Beam Fitness is a remarkable exercise technique utilising a soft, narrow, floor-level beam which improves posture, muscle tone and balance while being mentally invigorating. Concentration is needed to balance and exercise without the fear of falling – it’s fun.  This enjoyable and social 1½ hour workshop takes you through this new technique, leaving you physically and mentally invigorated.

 Each workshop is just £20 per person and you are very welcome to Bring a Friend.

If you are interested in attending one of the Group workshops please contact Annalisa to book your place.