Achievable Exercise

You Know You Need To, but Hate Exercise Just Can’t Seem to Find the Time? Need to Find an Enjoyable, Workable Way to Exercise?

Achievable ExerciseYou know the health benefits of exercising, but somehow you just can’t find the time or enthusiasm. You dread the regime of a personal trainer or an intimidating gym. You may have a bad back, had an injury or suffer chronic pain so are wary of exercise aggravating your condition.

If you want to find a way to actually do exercise, increase your fitness, exercise safely to help improve your posture or help manage a chronic condition

in way that’s designed to fit your lifestyle, body type and health circumstances

in an enjoyable and unintimidating environment – no Lycra required!

from a caring trainer with years of experience of working with those who have challenges with exercising

Achievable Exercise is tailor-made for you, helping you accomplish exercise in an enjoyable, safe, anxiety-free environment to reach your goals more quickly. It is a programme designed specifically to meet your needs, by an expert, who would not expect you to attempt exercise for which you are not fit or to utilise inappropriate apparatus, but one who still gets results. You are in very safe and effective hands.

Your exercise programme is delivered at my welcoming and well-equipped space in London, SW15 and includes

  • Your professional initial consultation

I get to know you to gain insight into the barriers preventing you from exercising, be it pain, a busy life-style, health challenges or the fact that you just hate sport! There may be a combination of factors affecting your ability to exercise. We talk through these to discuss what you would like to achieve and establish feasible goals.

  • Your Exercise Programme

With over 20 years of experience and a unique combination of knowledge and expertise I design a highly effective personal exercise programme for you that is workable and enjoyable. I understand the challenges of exercising when in pain, with health challenges or with a busy life, and work with you every step of the way in my equipped studio, to take you through your personalised exercise programme to achieve your goals. My focus is on a personal approach, making consistent progress.

I have a selection of highly effective exercise equipment, creative ways and tools to draw on when designing your exercise programme, to help you achieve your goals and make exercise workable in daily life.

I have the option of utilising a number of up-to-date, research-based exercise methods and equipment including

  • Fitness Ball
  • Foam Roller
  • BOSU
  • Dumbbells
  • Fitness Circle
  • Exercise Bands
  • Body-weight Resistance

In addition, I incorporate proven exercise innovations new to the UK.

Beam Fitness is a remarkable exercise technique utilising a soft, narrow, floor-level beam which improves posture, muscle tone and balance while being mentally invigorating. The combination of the specifically designed beam exercises with the need for focus and concentration, results in a unique blend of mental and physical wellbeing.

Ballet Barre is a successful exercise method utilising a horizontal bar similar to that used in ballet. It is designed to strengthen and sculpt muscles and improve flexibility. This deep stretching, well-balanced work-out improves posture, balance and coordination whilst offering a workout option to elevate heart rate and increase fitness.

  • After care advice

Your exercise programme doesn’t stop once you leave the studio. I show you appropriate programmes that you can incorporate into your daily life, so you stay exercising and reach your goals faster.

What makes Achievable Exercise so useful to you is that it helps you

  • exercise in a way that is enjoyable and achievable
  • overcome your exercise barriers and challenges
  • achieve your exercise goals faster and more easily

Annalisa helps me to operate on a higher level, this has helped me overcome injury and gain stability getting back on the tennis court which I so enjoy. Annalisa knows exactly where to work and what to work on, each time I see her.

With Achievable Exercise there has never been a better time to start exercising the workable and enjoyable way.